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We cannot do all we are lead to do without your support.  To make a financial donation to support the work we are doing please click below or contact us.  We thank you for your support.  Raise Up Nations runs on a 100%volunteer basis.  Every cent goes to its designated cause.  

100% of donations that come into Raise Up Nations are used for their specified purpose.  Please note, when donating on our webpage, PayPal takes a small percentage of the funds to cover their fee's.  

If you would rather send an e-transfer (Canada) you can send it to connect@raiseupnations.com or send cheque's to:
Raise Up Nations Ministries
18 Bridle Path
London Ontario

please be sure to specify what you want your donation to go towards.  

Raise Up Nations runs on a complete volunteer basis and no donations are used for administration or similar unless specified. 

​​​Since 2015, Raise Up Nations founders have been serving overseas to what they are lead to do.  Hearts that burn to help the unseen and ingnored and marginalized people of Nepal, to encourage, support, and lift up.  Every person worthy of love, hope and freedom.  The comfort of our life no longer an option- but doing what we can to see amazing change in the lives we reach no matter the cost. 

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