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donate today to provide a motorbike for pastor "g"

*paypal does take a small portion of donations.  This is out of our control but is an option for those who have no other way to give.

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we are 100% non profit. all funds go directly to this need to purchase his bike and accessories, licences etc.  

This year, we finally got to meet one of our behind the scenes men.  He works hard for all the children involved in our sponsorship program.  This Pastor travels to each home, delivers money, does check in's, takes the photos for the sponsors and potential sponsors all while making sure these children are safe.  When he does this, he does this by public transportation and walking the remainder of the way.  Many of the children, because we do not place them in orphanages but keep them in their communities to thrive, are not accessible by bus.  So he will go as far as he can, and walk the remainder of the way.  

While we were there this time, we sat in a church in the final community and talked with him.  What would make HIS job easier?  What would make it so he had less time from his family, children and ministry when he goes to pick up and transfer and deliver funds and check in? 

We all are in agreement a motorbike would make his job much easier.  They can get practically everywhere so it would cut down hours of walking.  

And the cost?  I think we can do it if we all committed to giving something. 
We are looking to raise 3000 CDN to purchase his bike, helmet and to also pay for whatever else he will need.  

The Word of God says for us to help one another.  Perhaps God is nudging you to give to this today? 

​This man is a man of true humility.  He learned the standard and sticks with it to a tee. He serves where he is needed and also has a heart that beats the same rhythm as ours.  

He wants nothing more than to see God's will be done with excellence.