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​​​Working hand in hand with Nepal, Raise Up Nations Child Sponsorship's support children that have been taken in by people within their communities after being orphaned or abandoned.  Our Sponsorship program places these children in school, supplies them with their clothing, food and helps support the home they are placed in as a result.  These children are free from the fear of being placed in orphanages far from everything they have ever known and keeps them safe from those who would take advantage of them.

We have a wait list of children awaiting sponsors. There is such a high need for help for orphaned and abandoned children, we could feel overwhelmed but instead we pray and ask you to consider sponsoring today and ask you share the need with others.  

As a sponsor you will receive photos and updates on your child. We work diligently with our Nepal partners to do this on a regular basis so you can see how your sponsorship is truly changing a life for the better!   When we go to Nepal we always make sure to also personally follow up.  

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For 60 dollars Canadian per month you can sponsor a child in Nepal.  We are on the look out for people who want to sponsor long term because these children need a long term solution to make it through school and to be safe.

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