Jesus said it "Go” 
We want to be obedient, which is why we desire and want to help others go and serve where God has asked them to go.  

Being orphaned and abandoned is something no child should ever have to face.  However this is the reality for many children around the world.  Our eyes are fixed upon the orphaned and abandoned children of Nepal and would like you to consider sponsoring a child today!


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Urgent Projects

Bibles are needed within churches overseas and our desire is to equip every believer with the Word of God!  Will you help us complete the mission?  


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Partner with us to see lives transformed, free and secure.

100% of donations that come into Raise Up Nations are used for their specified purpose.  Please note, when donating on our webpage, PayPal takes a small percentage of the funds to cover their fee's.  

If you would rather send an e-transfer (Canada) you can send it to or send cheque's to:
Raise Up Nations Ministries
18 Bridle Path
London Ontario

please be sure to specify what you want your donation to go towards.  

Raise Up Nations runs completely by volunteers, and no donations are used for administration or similar unless specified. 

Raise Up Nations has devoted its energy to passionately helping the abandoned and orphaned children in Nepal.  We have a drive to serve and show the love of God in any way possible.  We desire to help encourage and equip churches wherever our feet land with the power of God's truth.  We desire to see poverty abolished and every man, woman and child free.  Find out how you can contribute to our mission today .

Our Mission